Diving in Mexico

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Good news first: I was able to restore the lost shots from the first 3 days in Mexico from my cameras disk. Diving shots will be added soon!

This is just an "as fast as possible" page to give some people access to our diving experience in Mexico this year. Please keep in mind that this were our first sea water dives plus the first time we used the camera (except for some shot in a pool). So don\'t expect too much...


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Dives on November 14th and 21st

Honestly: nothing special to tell. We had our very first open sea dive at this place. During the first dive I left my camera on the boat, because everything was very new to us. The dive was relaxing, since a slow current took us all the way along the reef. On the second dive we had a bumpy sea and very bad sight. Few fish and nothing to take a picture of. So there are no photos available for this reef...


We've been here only one time and had a slow start due to some equalizing problems in the team. Not many photos are available, since two divers of our team had their fins more time on the ground than in the water... to be honest: this dive wasn't very relaxing, but Van tried to make the best out of this situation.

Dive on November 14th


We spent most dives on this reef. Cerebros is the spanish word for brain and the reef got its name from the mass of brain corals you can find there. We've been here three times.
The first time my camera died after 20 shots, killing photos of a nice scorpion fish and a baby lobster. I hope I can recover them somehow. The second dive was really nice since we had low current and got quite far. Most impressing were a two meters wide eagle ray and many schools of fish. Our third dive here took place at stronger current and high waves, so the sight wasn't that good.

Things we did not see (as we did not join each dive...): a hammerhead shark (congratulations Ines) and a teenager turtle...

Dive on November 14th

Dive on November 21st (short sight)

Cenotes (Chac Mool, Little Brother and Kulkukan)

To learn more about cenotes goto Wikipedia Germany or the english Wikipedia.

We dived in the system Chac Mool, which consists of three cenotes. If you go deeper than aprox. 10 meters you come into salty water. The area where sweet and salty water meet is called halocline. As long as it's calm this area almost looks like a mirror. But if you mix up the two types of water in this area your sight will decrease to almost not existant. Everything is totaly blurred, which is a really exciting experience.

Dive on November 17th

XelHa (snorkeling, not diving)

Want to know more about XelHa? Visit the XelHa homepage.

Snorkeling on November 18th

And here a little panorama shot from a floating brigde on the water.